Kate has a Masters in Education (Melbourne University) and has professional experience teaching both the MYP (International Baccalaureate) program as well as the Victorian Curriculum (grade 5 &6, 7-10 and VCE Drama and English).

For Teachers:

Kate is available to run professional development courses for High School Teachers in

* Arts education (genres of writing including poetry; & Drama for on screen and on stage)

* Listening (as a fundamental part of communication. How can we assist students deepen their listening skills?)

* Relationships

* Body language as a tool for communication and understanding

* Engagement (how do we engage students in school programs?).


For Students:

Kate provides coaching for VCE Drama students leading up to their solo. She requires access to the school’s Drama teacher so she can liaise on matters of development, style and VCAA guidelines and material for that year. 



' The great thing about Kate's methods is that she supported me throughout all aspects of my solo without spoon-feeding me.  She has that perfect balance of giving me independence and guidance.  Without Kate I never would have been so prepared for the solo exam.  My friends and I often joked that we thought we'd still be preparing it the night before, but thanks to Kate's brilliant organisational skills we were well prepared months before the exam.  When it comes to teachers, there are many that speak good advice, but out of all of my drama teachers, Kate was the only one who gave me the confidence to present a piece of work that I was so proud of.  When Kate guided me through my solo, all notes she gave me was extremely clear, concise and logical and was always clear she put a lot of thought into what she was saying.  Although she has an impeccable knowledge in drama, the thing that always stuck out for me was Kate's shining personality.  She has an incredibly infectious and humorous spirit and energy that completely captivated and inspired me to perform my very best at all times.  Kate also helped me with my application for VCA (Theatre Practice) through specialised one on one workshops that were so useful to my audition as she taught me not just to perform in one singular way, but to be able to flexible and dynamic.  Without these workshops, I never would have made it to callbacks'.

Student. Year 12 Drama. 2016.


'We came to know Kate through our son's school, where she has been his drama teacher for two years. During this time we have come to know Kate as an inspiring leader and artist. She has a detailed, rigorous and imaginative process with the students, which we have seen exemplified through her facilitation of the writings of Artist Manifestos, supporting and accompanying students to theatrical experiences in our city, and supporting each of her students to develop their confident voices as artists'.

Parent. Year 12 Drama student 2017.


'I first approached Kate in early 2018 when I became aware of the results she was getting from students in her classes. When I say results I don't mean academic, numerical figures, I mean the content they were producing both verbally and in written papers... with Kate's model I was able to engage students on a deeper level'.

English Teacher. 2018.


'Kate has come to our school on numerous occasions to run 'Acting for the Camera Workshops'. With her extensive professional experience and infectious enthusiasm, Kate's teaching developed both an appreciation for the Dramatic Arts as well as an opportunity for students to see the career opportunities available to them outside school'.

English and Drama teacher 2016-2017.


'In Term 4 of 2016, I invited Kate to form part of a panel of writers for the annual Writers Festival I host at the school. Students were invited to ask questions of the writers to discover how writers work and think. Kate was an incredible asset to the panel; sharing her thoughts, ideas, practices and wisdom in such an open, honest and passionate way that sparked the curiosity and imagination of our young writers in unimaginable ways. After the panel, Kate ran a poetry workshop with a large group of students where she had each student hanging off her every word. She was a dynamic presenter and facilitator, who clearly showed not only her passion but her deep capacity to engage students and teachers alike, talk to the students on their level and get the utmost out of every single child in the room as they tapped into their life experiences and brought it to their writing. The fact that Kate did this all voluntarily too, further showed what a passionate and giving educator and creative she is'.

Primary School Teacher, 2016.



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