'Kate's broad teaching and performing experience means she is able to connect with every student in an individual and unique way. Kate's teaching style is holistic; taking into account each student's personality, learning style and performing experience, she is able to deliver a training programme for each student that shows results on screen.
A professional first and foremost, Kate is always prepared. Her script and story knowledge, grasp of character development and understanding of production makes her an asset to cast and the director on set. Also, Kate has often been called upon to watch over the welfare of the cast. I've found that she consistently deals with extraordinarily sensitive issues with genuine care, understanding and professionalism. 
Further to her professional standing, Kate is an exceptional human being. She has the gift of bringing joy, humor, passion and empathy into the most tying circumstance. She is a delight and a talent'.
Kristen Souvlis. Producer.


I write in regard to Kate Ellis.
I have worked in the television and film industry for 30 years, the last 20 as a director. During that time I have directed most major dramas and comedy shows for all networks, some tele-movies and 2 feature films. Recently I had the pleasure of working with Kate Ellis as Drama Coach on the acclaimed children’s series 'The Saddle Club.' I won't waste your time by waxing lyrical about her abilities; suffice to say she is truly gifted. I couldn't recommend anyone higher. If you would like to talk to me further about Kate please don't hesitate to contact me.
Kevin Carlin. Director.



Kate dispenses her unique and various performance skill sets with enthusiasm and encouragement be it to an ensemble or individually targeted. It has been interesting to observe the nay sayers, graduates and experienced alike embrace her offerings over the production. For my part it's been a rewarding collaboration that informs the on screen performances.

Colin Budds. Director.


I have observed Kate Ellis work with actors of various ages both on
set and in a classroom environment. Some shooting schedules leave
little room for rehearsal. Employing Kate Ellis to work one on one
with young actors gave new cast members the tools to find and
explore their characters and break down scripts so they could walk
on to the set confident and fully prepared. In a teaching environment,
Kate’s passion for her chosen profession is infectious and the
students respond with enthusiasm. Kate Ellis fully understands that
the Art Of Drama is a combination of innate talent and craft. She has
the capabilities to help others explore their talents, learn the craft
and reach their full potential.

Susan Bower. Writer/Producer/Teacher. Bower Bird Productions.


'I've been employing Dialogue Coaches for over 25 years.   Until I employed Kate Ellis and watched her work and saw the results of her work, I have never really worked with a dialogue coach'.   
Lynn Bayonas. Producer.